Paypal / Western Union money scam

Thanks to Kate Booby at Spinefex ( for alerting us to this one!

“I thought I should bring your attention to a scam that we have 3 separate cases of occur within our immediate friends/family.

All of these people had advertised to sell items (2 x cars, 1 x horse) and had been contacted by email and phone calls from a buyer. 

The buyer has asked to pay for the items through paypal (and the sellers had to set up paypal accounts) because the buyer is overseas or can’t use their internet banking (one case the man said he was on an oil rig, another was overseas).  Paypal is generally a safe & secure way to receive funds or pay for items.

They were also requesting for the item that they were purchasing to be transported to a different state and were offering to pay extra in the paypal transfer for the seller to arrange this. 

The catch was that they asked for the seller to transfer the transport cost to a Western Union account BEFORE they could do the paypal transfer – these amounts varied from $800 – $1000.”

What a great scam.  The ‘buyer’ is asking you to pay for the cost of the ‘transport’ until they can pay you the entire amount via paypal, yet no transport company is involved.  They are then free to walk away with your money and never be heard from again.

Seller beware!



One thought on “Paypal / Western Union money scam

  1. I was selling furniture via gumtree and I received an email from a Jonathan spencer. He told me he lives in NZ and was moving to Darwin. He asked for my account information to put funds into. He than told me it will cost him $950.00 to transport the furniture from my house to Darwin, he than told me he’ll put $950.00 for transportation,$300 for the furniture and an extra $100 for Western Union Fees in to my account. He than continued to email and ask me to once I receive the money to go to western union or post office to pay the $950.00 for transport fees.After about an hour I received an email from PayPal saying money is in your PayPal account but you will receive the full amount of $1350.00 once you pay (with your own money) the $950.00 for transport fees and send through the MTCN number on your western union receipt. I told him over and over again I can not pay $950.00 out of my own pocket. I than received a threatening email from PayPal saying if I don’t comply with this payment they will take legal action. 10 minutes later I received a letter from Victorian police that they have been noified by PayPal, I got threatened by the police that if I do not comply with payment cause it’s in the PayPal laws, I’ll have a warrant for my arrest. DO NOT PROCEED WITH THIS AS ITS A SCAM!!!! once you pay into the western union account he has provided THE MONEY IS GONE..SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!

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