‘Fitting’ Rooms

Today, Kerr Alexandra (@Kerr_alexandra) tweeted “Probably my most favorite fitting room sign ever!”, with a pic that referenced makeup and fake tans. I’m guessing this is the bane of many retailers, who end up with smudged and stained goods back on their racks that nobody wants to buy. I’m also guessing that model’s makeup scarves hanging in the fitting room may be lost on most of the general public too, though they are intended for the express purpose of keeping ones makeup on one and not on one’s new clothes when changing outfits.

It got me thinking though. What would be the best signs ever to see in a women’s fitting room? How about a retailer who addressed body issues head-on with some positive statements? Surely if you felt good in a fitting room, you’d be more likely to make a purchase?

Here are some of my suggestions:
Stop. Breathe. You are beautiful.
Size doesn’t matter. What you do with your life does.
Clothes are your external expression of the beauty that’s inside you.

Right about now, I run out of ideas, but you get my drift. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

So come on retailers, who’s up for the challenge? Even better – instead of retailers racking up bad publicity for targeting young girls with overly sexualised advertising, let’s see a young girls clothing chain take this on and run with it. Our young girls need positive reinforcement about their bodies, and you’ll have their credit-card wielding mums racing their daughters to your door.



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