The only thing that’s constant, is change.

Before you go and get all excited, it is not a New Year’s Resolution of mine to write more blog posts, even if it should be.  After housework, mummy duties and work, I occassionally like to spend an hour doing nothing but watching mindless TV, but that rarely happens, so my blog posting is waaay down in the priorities list.  Not to mention that I’ve discovered the time black hole that is Pinterest.  Saying that, I had to chuckle at someone else on Twitter who moaned that her brain is full of writing ideas UNTIL she sits down at her computer for some allocated writing time.  I often feel like that.  So tonight I’m foregoing an early (pre 10am) night in bed, to get some thoughts out of my brain.  Here’s hoping that will make for a better night’s sleep, instead of a night of processing what I’ve just written.

Today, our franchise global CEO of 13 years stepped down.  With his lovely new wife, he’s purchased his own franchise territory and is also working on another IT project.  This is good news and I’m happy to see people have taken it that way. This is life. Life changes. An organisation, any organisation, is more than just one person with a title (Hello, Apple, Steve Jobs?).  Yes, he was great to work with. Yes, he knew his stuff. But he’s made a decision to change his life and this should be (and is being) applauded.  The franchise will continue with the rest of the management team in place and some new blood at the helm.  Much like it did when the original founders stepped down.

So many people are scared of change.  I’m scared of uncertainty. I can handle making a decision to change, and to try something that’s not guaranteed. Then I’m actually doing something.  I hate being in limbo when you can’t make a decision until something else pans out, or you are at the hands of someone else’s decision (which is why I no longer rent).  But too many people have the same life they’ve had for the past 15 years and they are still unhappy.  If life isn’t working out for you, change it! And if the change doesn’t work out, change it again! No, I’m not advocating 10 different careers in 3 months, but don’t think that any decision you make is really that permanent.  So change jobs, fly to Canada, try to cook Japanese .. what’s the worst that could happen?  I admire people who have the courage to move off rusty nails.

Life is too short to be unhappy. Make it your life and really live it.




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