Ah, talk about being blog absent. Not going to blame it on the new job, being sick etc etc. It just hasn’t happened lately.

But tonight I found myself in the zone, in that sweet spot of pure bliss. And I was cooking dinner on a Friday night.

By Friday night I’ve usually run out of enthusiasm and am throwing together pizza at home or toasted sandwiches, just something easy. Tonight I didn’t get home until 4:30pm & the leftovers were scotch fillet, corn on the cob, roast pumpkin & potato bake. Far from being a planned gourmet dinner, it was actually ‘what do I have left in the freezer, what’s dying in the fridge & how can I make 4 tiny spuds feed a family without having to go to the supermarket.’

This is not my ideal setting for a blissful moment. But somehow tonight, it just worked. The girls were playing outside, Tony was working in the garden & I was cooking, and it just felt great. Right where I was meant to be. Bliss.

Don’t get me wrong-I wouldn’t turn down poolside with a book. But learn to recognise & string together magic in moments such as these and you’ll really live.



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