“Hey yourname” from earthlink.net emails – spam

Just a quick post to show you some spam emails I’ve been receiving. My fantastic spam filter (http://www.ctscleanmail.com/) has been quarantining this stuff, but the subject AND the fact they are coming from the same domain name earthlink.net made me curious enough to do a little more research.

Spam list earhlink.net

Spam list earhlink.net




A quick internet search shows that while earthlink.net is a valid email provider, it has been known to have issues with spam from user’s accounts in the past, especially spam that has been coded to include your name in the subject. See this July 2011 blog post http://blog.onlymyemail.com/endless-spam-from-earthlink/

So, delete I go! Moral of the story: Don’t trust emails just because someone has mentioned your name.



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