Yours truly


After an interest in computers (go the Apple IIE) in high school, the wheels were set in motion to derail my Air Hostess dreams, with my teacher commenting I could always go into I.T. instead.

Nurtured into the field through the shelter of a large corporate (and a great team leader .. yes, I’m greasing, Mark), I learnt all you could ever want to know about DOS, then Windows for Workgroups, NT4.0 Servers etc etc .. before my foray into Lotus Notes & Domino.  An incredible experience for an 18 year old girl who learnt how to be a geek and keep up with the boys (both in the humour and drinking stakes).  Found I could spread my wings & compete in the consulting world to large corporations and government departments.

Now providing computer support and general ‘technology best practices’ guidance to small businesses across north-west Brisbane (www.ctaspley.com.au), with an incredible global Computer Troubleshooters team to call upon (for advice and sympathy).  Has developed a  reputation for being the Google queen (quote: “if it’s anywhere on the internet, she’ll find it).

Have decided to reclaim my blog to add a little more ‘life’ among the technology, so stand by for my musings on working from home, raising two beautiful girls and volunteering in the State Emergency Services.



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