MYOB pictures on email & pdf forms

OK, let’s ignore how long it’s been since my last post and just rejoice that due to my great filing system I managed to find my wordpress login details 🙂

Strangest thing in MYOB accounting software – customise a form and insert your own picture/graphic (eg company logo), use the ‘Send to email’ or ‘Send to Disk’ to create an electronic version of your document (invoice/statement etc) … and no picture images appear.

The solution?  Install Apple’s free Quicktime software, which must be at least version 5.5.  You’ll most commonly find this occurs if a computer is rebuilt, with it’s software reloaded from scratch, and someone forgets about Quicktime.

This has to win the award for one of the most illogical solutions to a problem, though I’m sure MYOB have some great reason for the quicktime dependancy.  It can also be a little challenging to find this solution in the official MYOB knowledgebase (though if you are paying for support, the call centre are pretty quick with this answer).

Until next time .. which hopefully won’t be as long as last time!!



18 thoughts on “MYOB pictures on email & pdf forms

  1. Thank you soooo much. It had me stumped and was driving me crazy. Thanks for the easy to follow instructions and the link – so easy. All working beautifully now 🙂

  2. This company has completely destroyed my computer ,deleted all my folders and some of my windows programes as well as my aol tools so i cannot log on the the internet with it, i cannot access my documents , the lap top freezes the enginner has stripped it and re programmed everything,
    i apid the £125 and want my money back as i need to pay for the engineer has anyone had a refund, also a few months later an indain woman rang to ask to check my credit card details for my mobile wanted my date of birth and address , now i only ever used this credit card once and that was to pay support on click so they ahve passed these on i told her i was contacting the police

    do not let them anywhere near your computer they were at mine 8 hours a day for 8 days and wrecked it now i have no connection to my printer or anything judith

  3. 26 years in Electronics and in Computers way before CPM and DOS were born but I couldn’t figure this one out.. Now, what’s the expression they use these days.. Doesn’t come easily to a 72 year old.. Oh Yes.. I remember.. you Rock !! Is that right?? Thanks for he fix

  4. Hi, thank you so very much. You have saved me hours trying to work out why my new laptop wouldn’t display logos when emailing or saving as a pdf file.

    Thank you again


  5. I had the exact same situation as you, moving my MYOB folder to a new computer and discovering my invoices were missing my logo. Your solution did the trick! MYOB is a pig of a program, but it does the job and I just can’t be bothered finding something to replace it 🙂

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